Our truly local wine made with 100% blueberries! Sweet Blueberry Wine~ similar to a dessert wine such as Moscato and is the sweetest of all of Blue Sky Farm's wine selections. It is not overly sweet however. This is the most popular of the Blueberries ideal with desserts such as Cheese Cake or tarts, try with Chocolate!

Blue Sky Farm and Winery is a family owned and operated business and is the only Winery in Delaware County, New York.  Blue sky farm grows Patriot and Blue Crop Blueberries exclusively and has become a local favorite source for healthy, good fruit and now wine.

The idea to create a Blueberry wine came about after one particularly abundant crop. Since the release of their first vintage  Blue Sky Farm and has had to ramp up production every season due to the popularity of the wines that are produced. Catskill Cellars is currently the exclusive online source for Blue Sky Farm wines.

Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for case orders

750 ml   Blue Sky Farm and Winery  Stamford New York

Other varieties of Blue Sky Blueberry Wines: Semi-Sweet Blueberry Wine~ A lovely middle ground between sweet and dry however this semi-dry does tend to veer towards the sweeter end of the spectrum. It is one of our favorite mid-range wines, a crowd pleaser with it's varied berry palate and soft finish. Pair with cheese or enjoy with Pizza, BBQ or spicy foods. Dry Blueberry Wine~ resembling Merlot with layered flavors of mixed berries and a touch of spice this is the most complex and pleasing fruit wine we've yet to taste. The dryness and  supple finish of this lovely red wine complements a variety of meals.

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