European Absinthes

Butterfly Classic Absinthe

We are pleased to present Butterfly absinthe a faithful recreation of America’s first pre-ban absinthe  now produced by Artemesia- Bugnon Distillery in Switzerland. Inspired by an antique bottle of  Boston Butterfly, absinthe historian Brian Fernald discovered the original recipe and sought to bring Butterfly back to life. Originally created for the American market Butterfly has a unique and accessible flavor profile including citrus and mint lending itself to a classic louched glass  and a variety of cocktails. This is the American label version, absinthe is the same as European release.

750 ml  Product of Switzerland  130   Original Boston Recipe

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Gantous & Abou Raad Arak

Similar to ouzo and pastis, arak is an anis-flavored, traditional spirit in Middle Eastern counties. Great as an aperitif or accompaniment to his refreshingly unsweetened spirit is a particular treat in warm weather. Gantous & Abou Raad Arak is made with just three ingredients: grape spirit, aniseeds, and water. Therefore, the flavor and aroma is distinctively clean and bright. Thanks to the natural oils from the anise, a traditional serve of one part arak to two parts water will yield a lovely clouding effect.

Product of Lebanon
Alcohol by Volume: 50%

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Mansinthe Extrait d'Absinthe Suisse

Winner of San Fransisco  Spirits competition just months after it’s release in 2007 Mansinthe is a quality absinthe from the Matter Distillery in collaboration with  Marilyn Manson. This is a true Verte made in the traditional manner and naturally colored. The distinctive artwork on the label is Mr. Manson’s Absinthe and watercolor titled “When I Get Old”.

Product of Switzerland
750 ml~ Alcohol by Volume 66.6%

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Vieux Pontarlier 65

Our most popular European absinthe! A classic example of French Absinthe: Double Gold Medal Best in Class  San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2008 ~ Five Stars The  Spirits Journal  2010 ~ *Wine Enthusiast Top 50 Spirits 2010

Emile Pernot Distillery, France Tempus Fugit Spirits Importer

130 proof – 750ml

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Small batch verte produced by hand in copper alembic stills in the traditional manner. The use of locally grown Pontarlier Wormwood and an array of herbs creates an alpine fresh absinthe with a touch of spice.

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La Clandestine

The Classic Swiss Le Bleu! Handcrafted in Couvet the birthplace of absinthe by Claude-Alain Bugnon in the Val-de-Travers Switzerland. It is also referred to as CLB and is a favorite absinthe of many.

106 proof – 750ml

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La Clandestine is a subtle La Bleue (actually a clear, uncolored absinthe) its natural sweetness and soft botanicals and spice lend itself to many cocktails. CLBs softness and comparitevly low alcohol content makes for an ideal first-timer's absinthe. Previously unavailable in the Catskills we are very pleased to offer this venerable absinthe, La Clandestine is the only Aretmisia Bugon Distillery offering presently available in the US.

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Duplais Verte

One of the finest Swiss verte’s available, this verte is known for its solid aromas and flavor profile and excellent natural color an award winning and overall appealing absinthe Matter-Luginbuhl distillery

136 proof~ Kallnach Switzerland  750ml

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Unique golden-green hue, thick louche with pronounced distinct flavors Duplais Verte's creamy mouthfeel and lingering finish places this fine absinthe as one of the top all-around vertes. We welcome the prospect of additional Matter Absinthes should they be made available in the American market.

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