Shipping and handling included! The most classic and enduring fountain, easy to maintain and flawlessly elegant with beautiful details from the lovely Acorn Finial to hand blown cut glass plus the convenience of four spigots. This fountain stands the test of time, we know first hand  since we've been  enjoying this model for our tastings and gatherings for many years!

Traditionally serves as an ice water source for louching glasses of absinthe however many cocktails can be dispensed from fountain, be sure to carefully hand wash all parts after use!

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Imported by Bonnecazze USA

Warning: Fire is not a part of the absinthe ritual whatsoever. Sometimes referred to as "the Bohemian method" the igniting of absinthe sugar (or the spirit itself) was never in fashion nor condoned. There is no evidence to support the use of fire with absinthe during it's advent or hey day. This unfortunate modern day gimmick is best to be avoided as this practice is not only potentially dangerous, the burnt sugar will actually damage the flavor of absinthe.
Sweetening absinthe:
Place sugar place cube on top of absinthe spoon and slowly drip ice cold water over to louche. Stir, serve and enjoy!
Due to the high alcohol content of undiluted absinthe one must include water to dissolve the sugar.
Please note: Absinthe is not a liqueur; beware of "absinthe" that is presweetened. Good absinthe is not overtly bitter or acrid and is naturally colored. True Absinthe must be diluted to be consumed. Catskill Cellars prides itself on carrying only select absinthes from reputable distilleries from America and abroad.

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